February 2021

“The Lost Son” Luke 15:11-24

“The Lost Son” Luke 15:11-24 I. Rebellion – 15:11-13 A. An insensitive request B. An incredible response II. Revelry – 15:14-16 III. Repentance – 15:17-19 IV. Return – 15:20-24

“The Lost Coin” Luke 15:8-10

“The Lost Coin” Luke 15:8-10 I. The Sorrow of Being Lost – 15:8a A. The coin was in the dark. B. The coin was in the dirt. C. The coin was in the dwelling. II. The Search For The Lost – 15: 8b A. The Holy Spirit seeks intelligently. B. The Holy Spirit seeks diligently. […]

“The Lost Sheep” Luke 15:1-7

“The Lost Sheep” Luke 15:1-7 I. The Lostness of a Sinner – 15:1-4a II. The Love of the Shepherd – 15:4b-5 III. The Laughter of Salvation – 15:6-7