We Need Each Other

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Phoebe – Romans 16:1-2 She served Lord through the local Church.

Aquilla & Priscilla – Romans 16:3-5 Husband & Wife Team who offered Hospitality.

Epanetus – Romans 16:5 First Convert of Paul in Asia.

Mary – Romans 16:6 Hard Worker.

Andronicus & Junias – Romans 16:7 encourage Family Members Who are Serving the Lord.

Ampliatus – Romans 16:8 A Roman Slave Who had become a Christian. Paul Loved him dearly.

Apelles – Romans 16:10 A Spiritually Mature Man.

Tryphena, Tryphosa and Persis – Romans 16:12 Women in The Church Served the Lord Faithfully.

Rufus & his wife – Romans 16: 13 Families that Served the Lord Together.