“Freedom From Stress & Anxiety” 2nd Thessalonians 3:16

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“Freedom From Stress & Anxiety”2nd Thessalonians 3:16

I. Turn Your Eyes To Our Omnipotent God – Isaiah 40:25-26
II. Tune Your Ears To Our Omniscient God – Isaiah 40:27-29
III. Yield Your Efforts To Our Omnipresent God – Isaiah 40:31

Sunday is going to be another great day. We will continue our study of getting free from the negative issues we face in life. I had several people comment positively on last week’s sermon on bitterness. I pray God uses this one.
The Gideons have a blitz going on in Clarksville next week. Gideons all over the state will be in town passing out Bibles in schools, nursing homes, hotels, hospital rooms, etc. They would like to have a Gideon speaker in most of our churches this coming Sunday. Greg Lane will be with us again. He will have 10 minutes to promote the Gideon ministry.