Giving Ourselves To Prayer and Fasting

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I.    What Is Fasting? – Matthew 6:16-18 

II.   What Are the Benefits of Prayer and Fasting? – Isaiah 58

      A. Freedom from oppression – vs. 6

      B. Freedom in giving – vs. 7

      C. Healing for body, soul and spirit – vs. 8a,b

      D. God’s presence and protection – vs. 8c-9

      E. God’s glory is exalted – vs. 10

      F. Answered prayer – vs. 11

III.  What Ways Can One Pray and Fast? – Mark 2:20

     A. One meal a day fast

     B. One day a week fast – Luke 18:12

     C. Three-day fast – Esther 4:16

     D. Seven-day fast – Nehemiah 1:4

     E. Twenty-one day fast – Daniel 10:2-3

     F.  Forty-day fast – Matthew 4:2

     G. Caffeine/soft drinks/sweets/desserts