“Jesus Christ: Our Supreme Example” Philippians 2:5-11

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“Jesus Christ:Our Supreme Example” Philippians 2:5-11

I. His Incarnation Should Cause Us To Learn From Him – 2:5-7
A. His incarnation proves His Deity – vs. 6
B. His incarnation proves His Humility – vs. 7a
C. His incarnation proves His Humanity -vs. 7b

II. His Crucifixion Should Cause Us To Love Him – 2:8
A. His cross was a place of suffering – vs. 8
B. His cross was a place of sacrifice. vs. 8
C. His cross was a place of substitution – vs. 8

III. His Exaltation Should Cause Us To Look For Him – 2:9-11
A. His exaltation reveals a declaration – vs. 9
B. His exaltation results in submission – vs. 10
C. His exaltation requires a confession – vs. 11