The King Is Coming

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I.     The King is Coming Visibly – Revelation 19:11-13

        A. We will see His ride – vs. 11

        B. We will see His royalty – vs. 12

        C. We will see His robe – vs. 13

II.    The King is Coming Victoriously – 19:14

        A. Notice the power of the army – vs. 14a

        B. Notice the position of the army – vs. 14b

III.   The King is Coming Violently – 19:15-21

       A. Satan’s forces are doomed in Armageddon – vs. 15 -18

       B. Satan’s forces are drawn to Armageddon – vs. 19

       C. Satan’s forces are destroyed in Armageddon – vs. 20-21